The GEKKO Fire Alarm Control Panel is the successor to GFE’s well-known JUNIOR V4 panel.

The GEKKO can have from 1 to 4 addressable loops. It is housed in a functional ABS plastic enclosure, with only two screws used to close and secure the lid.

The new graphic backlit LCD display can accommodate any type of custom characters or graphic symbols, allowing multi-language support, as well as visual and customisable elements.

It can communicate with our proprietary ODYSSEY Graphics Interface, as well as with third party Building Management Systems through a Modbus output. It is also capable of communicating with a repeater unit, using any of the networking interfaces of the CHAMELEON protocol.

Inside the cabinet there is space to install up to 7 AH 24V DC Sealed Lead Acid backup batteries, providing battery supply to the GEKKO and ZEOS associated devices, which boast extremely low energy consumption.

The Cause and Effect programming, as well as all customer specific configuration, is introduced in the GEKKO using the CHAMELEON CONNECTOR software, which is then downloaded to the flash memory of the unit.


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